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Welcome to the Grand Tour

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll guide you through rolling out BoomReader across your school.

Each week you'll be able to download the step-by-step guides and support files to help you successfully roll out digital reading diaries.

Week 1: Set Up & Getting Started

Week 1 is all about setting up your school account and preparing to give staff and pupils training in week 2.

Before you sign-up to start your trial - please download and review the following files:

  1. Getting Started (PPTX)
  2. Reading Bands (PPTX)
  3. Basic Settings (PPTX)
  4. Managing Classes & Students (PPTX)

Week 2: Staff & Pupils

During this week you’ll roll out training to staff and launch the app with your pupils.

We've created short video tutorials so you and your staff can quickly learn how tostart logging reading. We've also included a short presenter to use to launch BoomReader with your pupils.

  1. Invite your staff (PPTX)
  2. Staff Training: How to log reads (Video)
  3. Staff Training: What my students see (Video)
  4. Launching with students (PPTX)
  5. Bookmarks (PDF)

Week 3: Parents

Download our guides and resources to help you support parents to use the BoomReader App at home

Before you launch with parents, please downlaod and review the guides and information below:

  1. Getting Started (PPTX)
  2. Parent App Guide (PPTX)
  3. Parent App Guide (PDF Version)

Classroom Resources

  1. Posters (PDF)
  2. Home reading Tips (PDF)
  3. Editable Parent Letter (DOCX)

Week 4: Getting the most out of BoomReader

On this final week of the tour, learn some of the advanced features of Boomreader such as the data reports and group reading.

We'll also introduce you to the Summer Readathon: A summer reading challenge - designed to encourage students to read, read, read during August!

  1. Advanced BoomReader (PPTX)
  2. Data in BoomReader (Video)
  3. Flagging Students (PPTX)
  4. Group Books (PPTX)

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